Since our inception, in 1997, our mantra has been to find a better way to do things. A better way to provide value, a better way to communicate, and a better way to collaborate. This starts by challenging the status quo and being open to learning new things. By asking questions and listening, we put ourselves in the best position to succeed. This also happens when we are accountable for our actions. You can take all the credit in the world as long as you are also willing to take responsibility for the things you do wrong. This approach has laid the groundwork to build long-term relationships, which is the lifeblood of our organization. It is in our DNA to collaborate and work in tandem with our clients and each other. For many, leadership is about following the strongest individual who sets the path forward. This isn’t how we do things. For us, leadership is about creating an environment where great ideas set the course. When great ideas guide the way, no challenge is unsurmountable. We can’t wait to see where our ideas will take us.